4 Secrets to Getting Everything You Want in Life

Yes you read that title correctly. You can have everything that you want in your life. It is not a fairy tale or magic, it is fact. Whether you are skeptical or not I hope that you read this and really grasp it for all that it is worth because this is by far the cornerstone and secret to not only being successful, but manifesting dreams. You do not need to be special, rich, or even godlike to really get what you want in life!

The universe is made up of laws cleverly named “Universal Laws”. These laws NEVER fail or waver. If you understand these laws, you can not only more effectively play the game (of life), you can beat it! These are the rules that govern all that is, has been or ever will be! You can literally leverage the universe to give you whatever you want! I will break down universal laws in an easy to use manner, as well as provide exercises to guide you.

1. Visualize – The Law of Attraction

The first step to getting everything you want in your life is to visualize. Dream about the things you want – your lifestyle, job, family, and toys, all of it. It starts somewhere, in your mind.

“We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision.” – Anonymous

The Law of Attraction: Any energy that is broadcast into the universe attracts all other energies that exist on the same frequency, vibration, and resonance. When the law of attraction is paired with the Law of Vibration, the real magic occurs. The Law of Vibration says that all things in their purest form that exist in the universe are made up of energy which exists at specific patterns, or frequencies.

Let’s say for example there are two tuning forks put at opposite ends of the room. These forks are the same frequency. If you bang hard on one it will vibrate the universe at that specific frequency. Well guess what, the other tuning fork, through Law of Vibration will also vibrate from the energy flowing across the room, but only because it is the same frequency.

How is that relevant? Because:

“Our thoughts our feelings our dreams our ideas are physical in the universe, if we dream something, that is a physical thrust towards realization that we can put into the universe “ – Will Smith

Emotion, defined generally as energy in motion says it all! Our thoughts (conscious and unconscious), visions, feelings, and emotions all vibrate on real physical energy frequencies that can literally be measured.

If this is true then why doesn’t everything we think of always happen? Well you a small tuning fork compared to the universe and sometimes you need vibrate a bit harder.

How this works in your life:

You decide what you want. You focus energy into it. It will become real. But there are two really important things to understand.

  1. You do not pick how something happens, the universe does. You tell it what you want, it gives it to you, often times in a manner in which you least expect it to.
  2. This works for things that you do not want in your life as well. Ever had one of those days where you wake up and just know it is going to be terrible? Then more and more things happen to make it more and more terrible and you become increasingly upset and frustrated? That is because you are fiercely focused on the negative! You caused the flat tire! You made that vending machine break! The universe responded to your energy.


To start leveraging this in your life I have some exercises. Define what you want. It is import that you define what you want very specifically. The more specific you are the easier it is for the universe to give you what you want. For example “I want to get out of debt” usually will result in more debt because that is what the universe heard, that is the message you are sending out – debt – debt –debt. Instead try “I want more money” think of a specific number. Remember though it doesn’t have to be money or a car or something fancy it can be ANYTHING. I recommend it be something important to you because you are more likely to do what is necessary to get what you want.

Now that you know what you want, spend 15 minutes when you wake and before you go to bed doing nothing but thinking about whatever it is you want. If you are skeptical, pick something small, and spend just one minute, that is not asking a lot to give up on. Personally I find it’s easiest to do this while driving or in the shower. It takes roughly 16 seconds of pure focused thought, feeling, and emotion to start sending out vibrations. Close your eyes (unless driving), live your experience, breathe it, see it, pretend it is real. Remember to be as specific as possible; do not hold any details back even ones you would be afraid to admit that you included. That will start the vibrations and you are on your way to bending the universe to your demands.

For further references

The Secret ~ Rhonda Byrne

2. Give – The Law of Reciprocity

Giving, how cliché – or it is? The Law of Reciprocity says that anything that happens in the universe creates a process that reciprocates all give and take in mutual return. This law ties directly into the Law of Cause and Effect, which people often define as karma. Quite bluntly, the opposite of giving, is receiving. If you want to be happy, create happiness for others. You want to give to the universe and the easiest way is to give to others, because they too are manipulating the universe.

This is important because

  1. You will become happier the more that you give, keeping you in a better head space to send out the right vibrations, to help you obtain what you want.
  2. You will likely open up more doors and help shorten the process. Now just because the universe gives back equally doesn’t mean you need to go to great lengths to give. Doing something small for one person can create an equal amount of joy in that person’s life that you would experience by receiving (fill in the blank). This could be through something as small as a compliment. It took little for you to give, but the effect may have been exponential, which will return to you on an exponential level. It is very easy to influence others. Next time you walk into a room smile at someone, they will smile back. Next time you’re in an elevator with people, yawn really loud, they will yawn back. The same works for giving and receiving.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I have to give others?
  • What makes me happy in my life right now?
  • What value do I have as a person?
  • What would I want others to give me?
  • How can I give to others through my value?
Determine something you can do that either has large effect on a small amount of people or small effect on a large amount of people, because it all adds up. Use the questions above to determine what works best for you. Personally I am passionate about showing others there is more to life than luck, and chance, and situations; that life is was not designed to push us around, that the universe is just tool at our disposal. That is why I write articles like this one.

3. Grow – The Law of Growth

The law of growth is perhaps one of the easiest to grasp. You plant a seed, it grows. Every minute your body consists of pulsating energy, you are planting seeds. Creation is constant in the universe. What you get out the seed is directly related to its quality. If you can learn to become aware of the seeds that you plant, you can decide the outcome of the harvest.

Essentially the more “in tune” you become with the universe the easier is to send out the vibrations and get what you want to receive. If you want to improve the quality, improve yourself.

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” – Benjamin Franklin

Having everything is more than material or physical objects. It’s about being the person that you want. It’s about looking in the mirror and being proud of who is looking back at you. Embrace life and the direction that the universe takes you. Just as you create things in the universe, the universe creates things in you.

Growing sounds so simple but is so terrifying to many people. Growing requires change, change implies the unknown, and that is scary. You also sometimes have to acknowledge and admit that you are not perfect. If you deny who you are you cannot move forward.


Affirmations: Affirmations are techniques that provide you with a way to change your thought processes about who are. Every thought and word you say is an affirmation. They are important because they help you create stronger thoughts and emotions that take you closer to what you want in your life.

Take an area in your life that you want to improve. Let’s say you want a more fulfilling job. You might say “I have a wonderful job that fulfills me on many levels” or what if you wanted to quit smoking. You might say “I cannot tolerate the smell and taste of smoke”. Over time, this will become truth in your brain.

If you have issues letting go of something in your past, you can release it. “I am ready to let go of (fill in the blank)

Anchoring: There is a psychological technique called Nero Linguistic Programming that can be used to manifest emotions in ourselves and others. For the purpose of this article we will use it to recall positive mental states, called anchoring.

Let’s say you want to be able to feel confident at any moment in time in your life. Think about the last time you felt that way, go there, live it again, recall the feeling until you can physically tell you feel confident. Now create an action at the peak of those feelings. Snap your figures, or lightly squeeze your wrist, something subtle and personal. You have now created a small link between that action (snapping your fingers) and that feeling (confidence). Every time you feel confident, perform that action, you are building an internal emotional shortcut. Now any time you want to feel confident, snap your fingers, and you trigger the emotional response of confidence.

4. Live – The Law of Action

You cannot just read about it, you must take action. If you do not give anything to the universe it will not give anything back. Once you begin to use the laws above you will notice small things and tiny differences. Often times, something totally random will stand out to you. The universe shows you where to go, but you have to go there. If you have the impulse to act, ACT. I always hear people say, “I need to do (this, that, or the other thing)” and it makes me cringe. Cool you know what you need to do, that is the first step. GO DO IT. Everything else is worthless without action.

“Vision without action is a dream” – Joel Barker

Integrate the universe into your life. At first you might find it, too time consuming, or terrifying, or too simple! You manipulate the universe everyday whether you like it or not. You now have a chance to control it and very quickly it becomes something that you can internalize. The video below is a great example of how true this is.

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