Are You the Man, or Do You Work For Him?

Are you the man, or do you work for him?

I feel the need to set the record straight. I always get questions about what I do, or what to do. I have a laundry list of things I plan to do with myself as far as creating businesses and sources of income. It’s a joke to many because they do not see the possibility of this being reality. There is a difference between working for the man, working for yourself, or being the man.

    Working for the Man

According to the Y.E.S. movie a JOB stand for “Just over Broke”. This is true and it scares the shit out of me. A business is like a clock. It works until it breaks. If you have a job, you are a cog. You are part of a system that keeps the clock running. That is all you do, and you receive a check for it. The most depressing part is, almost half of your check goes to government. Then you pay your expenses, like loans, mortgages and bills. And if you have any money left over you are hopefully not blowing it. Life is just time, and you are just part of it, out there making money for other people, and the saddest part is, you are probably working harder than the people you work for.

Working for yourself

This sounds great right! You have no boss, accept yourself. You run a business! Problem is, you now work more than 40 hours, and might not benefit more than a if you had a job. If you work for yourself, you better be doing something that would do for free. Working for yourself means you are the person that looks over the clock, and winds it on a daily basis. If you are not there, the clock doesn’t tick. Sure you are the boss, you can work when you feel like it, but not working means that clock stops, and so does your income.

Being the man

This is what excites me. You have an idea for a new clock. You design it, you may even put it together if you have to, but once it is up and running you can sit back and admire the work of art you have created. You hire people wind clock every day, and they hire people who are the cogs. What you have now created is a self sustaining system. You no longer have to be present for that system to function. You are not the boss; you are creator, founder, owner, whatever title you choose to give yourself. Don’t want to work today? That clock will still tick, and so will the dollars into your pocket.

Why be the man?

Being the “man” means you are the creator of a lifestyle. Make enough clocks and you can retire, at any age. Retiring does not mean not working; it means not working for money. You don’t work hard, you work smart. The man is the jack of all trades and master of none. He hires the specialized employees who come together to create a masterful system that continues to produce.
That ladies and gentleman is why it is possible, especially in this day and age to be a serial entrepreneur. In a world that is connected to billions of people at the speed of a light a business can be put together and thriving in months.

Chris Ankele About Chris Ankele
Chris is a college student, entrepreneur, consultant, investor, an empowerment to young adults and most of all, a dreamer. His passion is to influence the way his generation seeks success. With a seemingly overwhelming amount of ideas in his head, he has become committed to changing the way the world works for the benefit of humanity.