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The following are skills for hire:

General Business

  • Idea Development
  • Finding your Niche
  • Start up Development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing Strategy development
  • General Business Advice
  • Brand Development


  • How to develop a blog
  • How to generate ideas and posts that people will read
  • How to monetize and cash in on a blog

E Commerce

  • Start up Development
  • Finding products to sell
  • Setting up an E Commerce Site
  • Driving traffic and Sales
  • Automating an E Commerce Business

Social Media

  • Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Utilizing Facebook to obtain leads and sales
  • Utilizing Twitter to obtain leads and sales
  • Utilizing You Tube to obtain leads and sales
  • Utilizing LinkIn to obtain leads and sales
  • Developing an internet brand for you and your business

Affiliate Marketing

  • How to create passive income as an affiliate
  • How to utilize Affiliate marketing to drive internet sales
  • Pay Per Click Marketing (PPCM)
  • Keyword Research
  • How to create passive income with PPCM
  • How to utilize PPCM to drive internet sales

Personal Development

  • How to take control of your life
  • Sales techniques
  • Relationship advice
  • Life choice perspectives
  • Creating a life plan

NOTE: I am not a certified Life Coach. I will not tell you how to live your life I will show you options, alternatives and different perspectives to aid in decisions and actions.