How Stable is Your Relationship? Try Cupid’s Relationship Test

Too much of something is never good. Living a balanced lifestyle caters to more than just being physically and mentally healthy. It’s often times easy for people to put aside their emotional health for other aspects of their life. It is an amazing experience to find someone you can share your life with on multiple levels of your being. Thus with Valentine’s Day coming up I felt it appropriate to discuss relationships. Relationships are like a complicated dance, but even dances can be broken down into steps…

Cupids Relationship Checklist

The following is a list of what I believe to be the top 5 attributes of a relationship. I do not place any of these as more or less important as others. Rank the following attributes on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being little to none and 10 being the most you could imagine. The highest possible score for each attribute is a 10.

  1. Emotional Connection -Some call it love, others call it chemistry. This is simple; you have a level of care for one another that can’t be put into words. This is what separates the relationship from others that you’ve had.

  2. Communication – There is nothing you aren’t afraid to discuss with one another. You need to be able to talk about anything; it is the foundation of trust. You both should be able to pick up on each other’s verbal and nonverbal cues. When this is present, there should be nothing you can’t work through.

  3. Sex and Intimacy – You have a sexually charged relationship. You are compatible with your partner on a physical and sexual level, in that both of your desires are satisfied. In the event they aren’t you are willing to voice this concern. This should never be a routine act.

  4. Personal Growth and Independence – Too much of anything is never good. Relationships, like people are an ever growing entity. In order for the relationship to grow, you must also continue to grow as a person. Therefore you both must take necessary time for yourselves, and then you are able to take care of the relationship. Remember, at the end of the day you are not your relationship, you are still your own person.

  5. Intellectual Stimulation – You are able to be stimulated through conversation with your partner. You should never feel like time together is a chore, or anything more than effortless. You should be challenging each other’s ideas and stimulate learning.

With these components present and accounted for, there is nothing you can’t overcome as a couple. Add up your scores and see how stable your relationship is.

SCORE: 1 – 16

You may want to reconsider this relationship choice. Does this relationship have any sort of realistic future? Do your close friends and family agree? If you find yourself thinking it is time to move on but can’t take that first step you may want to check out How to Take Control of Your Life in 7 Steps.

SCORE 17 – 33

You and your partner have a foundation for a promising and successful relationship. This may have one time been healthier and at some point went off track. You already have a large amount of common ground. Reevaluate each area to find the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship. Ask yourself if you ignored parts of the relationship hoping that the positives would carry through. If you had to do it all over again would you? If you are considering alternatives check out How to Take Control of Your Life in 7 Steps.

SCORE 34 – 50

Congratulations! You and your partner are compatible on multiple levels! You have found someone that you can continue to build a promising relationship with. 🙂

BONUS: How do I know if he/she is interested?

If you are single and looking to find a date for Valentines, you may be heading out to a bar, club, or wherever you go to find people you are attracted to. It seems one of the largest questions I hear people ask is “How do I know if he/she is interested?” The answer is right in front your face, literally. I am talking about nonverbal cues that both men and women give off, often times without noticing. Men and women both can pick up on these cues but women are more in tune to them. I am talking about everything from body orientation, tone, pauses, and eye contact. It is easy to see once you know what you are looking for. I truly believe that no one person is out of any other person’s league.

How do I know if she is interested?

If a girl is interested in you look for some of the following signs…

  • Looking at you longer than appropriate
  • Touching or playing with her necklace (means she is nervous)
  • Licking her lips
  • Rubbing the top of her drink while looking at you
  • Fixing, tossing or playing with her hair
  • Fixing or smoothing her clothes
  • Tilting her head to the side – exposing her neck to you
  • Moving closer when you whisper
  • She touches you…anywhere
  • If she makes an effort to pursue you
  • If she is not interested…

  • She will be looking around the room
  • Her posture will be facing away from you
  • She will not make a lot of eye contact
  • She does not laugh much
  • She won’t sit or stand close to you
  • She makes excuses to leave
  • She has her arms crossed or a closed off posture
  • Ladies, I know it is not your job often times to hunt down a man, but it is nice to know whether he is interested or not. If a guy is interested in a girl he will…

  • Looking at you longer than appropriate
  • Pass his hands through his hair
  • Broaden his chest
  • Position his body directly towards you
  • Raise his eyebrows towards you
  • Look at your eyes, then your mouth, then back to your eyes
  • Touch you anywhere
  • Lower his voice
  • Pause between words (creates sexual tension)
  • Say really stupid things because you make him nervous
  • If he is not interested

  • He will not make effort to pursue you
  • He will be short in conversation
  • He will be looking around and won’t make eye contact
  • He makes no effort to touch you
  • He does not try to make you laugh

BONUS 2: For the guys

This is something little I would like to add for guys approaching girls in social settings. Do not approach a girl from behind, which is creepy. If you feel the need to talk to the attractive girl that does not seem to be enjoying herself, you have 2 options. Save yourself the time and walk away or option 2, mirror her. If you think you can go over there and cheer her up, you are wrong. My little tip is that you are better off hating the world with her, and pointing out flaws in people around (to each other). If you are interested in more tips please feel free to contact me otherwise Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Good luck!

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